Eden Hill Underground Power

Western Power and the Town of Bassendean are going ahead with Underground Power for the Eden Hill area.

Western Powers offer of underground power in the Eden Hill area it was considered by council at the 23 June 2020 Council Meeting

Council Meeting Minutes 23 June 2020

Council has deferred any payments for householders until late 2021.

Information Session

On Tuesday 18 February about 80 people attended an information session at Eden Hill Primary School. Graham Downe, Underground Power Projects Manager, will discuss Western Power’s need to replace ageing infrastructure on the Eden Hill side of the railway line. See his presentation

Western Power Presentation

During this information session topics such as the who pays where addressed

Who Pays

Cost Estimate

The estimated cost for property owners within the project area will be $2,204 (+/-10%) per property. This cost is for a new underground residential consumer mains connection (the underground cable from the green plastic dome to your home) and will not be applicable for property owners with a pre-existing underground connection. The Town is proposing to seek to recover the costs on behalf of WP for this project from ratepayers through a service charge levied as part of its normal rating program over three years, commencing in 2021-22. Eligible property owners may get a discount under the Local Government Rates Rebate Scheme.

Benefits of Underground Power

  • Fewer power outages, improved reliability and fewer asset failures after storms
  • Improved safety, better street lighting and fewer car collisions with poles
  • Improved street appearance by removing poles and wires, pleasing views of your neighbourhood, making it a more desirable area to live in, and higher property value
  • Reduced costs for street tree pruning
  • Lower life-cycle costs, minimal maintenance and operating costs
  • Improved opportunity for emerging technologies, energy trading, electric vehicle penetration and Smart City strategies.

Western Power

Read the latest news and information on the Western Power's Website

Western Power

Project Timeline
  • Western Power finalised its Business Case

    January 2020
  • Western Power started its detailed design

    February 2020
  • Town of Bassendean to provide information

    THRIVE newsletter to all households (ratepayers) within boundary to raise awareness of opportunity
  • Council accepts Western Power Offer

    co-fund the project and payment plan for household
  • Western Power completes detailed design

  • Western Power calls tenders for construction

    Late 2020
  • Construction starts

    Early 2021
  • Payment due

    Homeowners provide contribution to Town of Bassendean September 2021
  • Construction finishes

    Late 2022