The Council of the Town of Bassendean (hereinafter called the "Council") hereby establishes a committee under the powers given in Section 5.8 of the Local Government Act 1995, such committee to be known as the People Services Committee, (hereinafter called the "Committee").

 The Council appoints to the Committee, those persons whose names appear in Section 4.0 below.  Membership of theCommittee shall, unless otherwise specified, be for a term ceasing at the date of the Local Government election in the year the Town’s local government elections are held.

 The Committee shall act for and on behalf of Council in accordance with provisions of the Local Government Act 1995, local laws and policy of the Town of Bassendean and this Instrument.


The name of the Committee shall be the People Services Committee.


In accordance with the 2017-2027 Strategic Community Plan, the Committee will make recommendations to Council on the following objectives and Strategies:

Build a Sense of Place and belonging

  • 1.1 Facilitate engagement and empowerment of local communities
  • 1.2 Activate neighbourhood spaces to facilitate community gathering
  • 1.3 Ensure our unique culture and history are shared and celebrated
  • 1.4 Continue to support and facilitate participation in the arts, community festivals and events

Ensure all Community members have the opportunity to be active, socialise and be connected

  • 2.1 Provide accessible facilities that support leisure, learning and recreation for people of all ages.
  • 2.2 Provide life-long learning opportunities
  • 2.3 Enhance partnerships with the local Noongar people
  • 2.4 Ensure people with disabilities and those from diverse backgrounds are valued and supported to participate in community life
  • 2.5 Support our volunteers and community groups to remain empowered, dynamic and inclusive.

Plan for a Health & Safe Community

  • 3.1 Facilitate safer neighbourhood environments
  • 3.2 Promote and advocate community health and well-being

Improved lifestyle of youth, families and aged 

  • 4.1 Facilitate healthy and active aging in place
  • 4.2 Partner with service providers to improve / expand access to services and facilities
  • 4.3 Enhance the wellbeing, and participation of our youth and children

Projects for the Term of the Committee include

Facilitate community action driven Neighbourhood activation plans

  • Develop Revised Culture Plan
  • Develop the Local Studies Collection Plan that is relevant to, and includes engagement with the community
  • Nature-based Playground Facilities at Sandy Beach and Mary Cres Reserve
  • Play Spaces Implementation Plan reviewed.
  • Develop a new Reconciliation Action Plan
  • Plan for an integrated Children and Family Services Centre
  • In conjunction with the WA Police, develop a Community Safety Crime Prevention Plan
  • Develop Public Health Plan for the Town of Bassendean
  • Review Service delivery models for seniors including community care and Hyde Retirement Village.
  • Develop a new Age Friendly Community Plan
  • Develop a new Child Friendly Community Plan
  • Review and implement Youth Plan
  • Implementation of Disability Access & Inclusion Plan


Membership of the Committee shall consist of 8 members, comprising the following:

  1. a) Three Councillors from the Town of Bassendean; and
  1. b) Five Community Members who live in the Town of Bassendean.

Note: The Mayor of the Bassendean Town Council shall be an ex-officio member of the committee under section 5.10 (4) unless the Mayor indicates his/her intention not to be such a member.  The CEO or a representative of the CEO shall be an ex-officio member of the committee if he or she indicates to Council this intention under section 5.10 (5) to be such a member.


The Committee shall appoint a Presiding Member and Deputy Presiding Member to conduct its business.  The Presiding Member shall ensure that minutes of the proceedings are kept and that business is conducted in accordance with the Town of Bassendean Standing Orders (Local Law No 1).

The Presiding Member must cast a second vote if the votes of the members present are equally divided.

The Local Government Act 1995 places responsibility for speaking on behalf of Council with the Mayor, or the CEO if the Mayor agrees.

The Presiding Member and members of Council committees are to refrain from speaking publicly on behalf of the committee or Council, or to issue any form of written material purporting to speak on behalf of the committee or Council without the prior approval of the Mayor.

 6.0    MEETINGS

The Committee shall meet at least quarterly.

6.1    Notice of meetings shall be given to members at least 3 days prior to each meeting.

6.2    If any member is absent from 3 consecutive meetings without leave of the Committee, they shall forfeit their position on such Committee.  The Council shall be informed, who will appoint a replacement for the balance of the Committee's term of appointment.

6.3    The Presiding member shall ensure that detailed minutes of all meetings are kept and shall, not later than 5 days after each meeting, provide Council with a copy of such minutes.

6.4    All members of the Committee shall have one vote.  If the votes of the members present are equally divided, the person presiding is required to cast a second vote in accordance with the Local Government Act.

7.0    QUORUM

Quorum for a meeting shall be at least 50% of the number of offices, whether vacant or not.  A decision of the Committee does not have effect unless it has been made by a simple majority.


The Committee has no delegated powers under the Local Government Act and is to advise and make recommendations to Council only.


Termination of the Committee shall be: 

9.1    In accordance with the Local Government Act 1995; and

9.2    At the direction of Council.


This document may be altered at any time by the Council on the recommendation of the Committee, or after giving 14 days notice to the Committee.


 Committee decisions shall not be binding on Council if such decisions are in conflict with the delegated powers of the Council.