Umbrella Insurance Program Community Groups Expression of Interest (EOI)

The Town of Bassendean is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from eligible Community Groups to participate in an Umbrella Insurance Program.

The EOI process will close on Monday, 18 October 2021 and will help to inform the terms and conditions for insurance to be purchased by the Town on behalf of community groups.

Groups will likely be required to co-contribute to the insurance cover and will be required to enter into an agreement with the Town, who will pay the remaining insurance cost under the program in line with the financial year.

EOI Opening: Monday 6 September 2021

EOI Closing:  Monday 18 October 2021

Complete and submit the Expression of Interest Form.


Why is the Town conducting an EOI process for insurance?

As a result of consultation and regular inquiries from various community groups regarding the cost of public liability insurance impacting their ability to operate.

The Town invites eligible community groups to submit an EOI to obtain insurance cover under an Umbrella Insurance Program.

This program has been proposed as part of the Town’s Strategic Community Plan 2020-2030 to meet the following priorities:

  • Facilitating community connection
  • Supporting the local economy
  • Establishing partnerships with the community
  • Building community capacity
  • Identifying and delivering community funding

Who is eligible to lodge an EOI?

Whilst the Town is seeking submissions from established community groups located in the Town, consideration will also be given to:

  • Community groups based outside of the Town that significantly contribute to the Town of Bassendean community; and,
  • Proposed community groups unable to deliver community-facing initiatives due to the costs of insurance.


To be eligible to lodge an EOI and ultimately if successful, participate in the Umbrella Insurance Program, community groups:

  • Must have an annual turnover of less than $100000
  • Must not be registered sole traders or businesses
  • Must not be able access insurance through an affiliate association or state/national body (e.g., sporting groups will be ineligible to apply)

How will the Umbrella Insurance Program run?

Once EOI’s have been received and assessed, the best possible insurance cover will be purchased by the Town, with eligible community groups being invited to participate in the Umbrella Insurance Program. Depending on the requirements of the insurer, community groups may be required to complete an application form with the insurer or the Town.

 The insurer or the Town may seek further information and supporting documents from community groups to ensure they meet all eligibility criteria for the Umbrella Insurance Program.

 Successful community groups will likely receive a tax invoice from the insurance provider that will enable them to obtain a Certificate of Currency.

Town contact for enquiries:

Salvatore Siciliano

Manager Recreation and Culture

Telephone: (08) 9377 8006