BassenDream Our Future...

Getting a sense of what's important to our community, what could make living in the Town of Bassendean even better in the future, is what BassenDream Our Future is all about.

Over the next 6 months (up until 13 September 2019), we are seeking from our community your thoughts, ideas and expectations on how Council should respond to the challenges and opportunities that our growing and evolving community presents, in a way that preserves the character and spirit of Ashfield, Bassendean and Eden Hill.  

BassenDream Our Future is a community engagement process that will culminate in the Town of Bassendean preparing a new Local Planning Strategy, Planning Scheme and related planning policies.

Please come by our Ideas Hub - we will be here in the old Post Office in Old Perth Road, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.  We will also be arranging mobile Ideas Hubs in Ashfield and Eden Hill over the coming months and will have the hubs staffed from time-to-time outside normal opening hours.  Staff and Councillors will be available to hear from you.  All your feedback will be captured and will help to shape a strong vision for the future of a Town we all love

For More Information please visit Your Say Bassendean

Your Say Bassendean