Invitation to comment - Notional Planning Precincts

Published: Thursday, 8 June 2017 at 9:41:32 AM

In May 2016 the Town of Bassendean adopted a 3 year Strategic Planning Framework (SPF) to facilitate the formulation and adoption of revised plans and policies to articulate and enact desired future directions for the Town’s development towards the year 2030.


The SPF comprises 4 components, the first being the review and revision of the Town’s current 2015 Local Planning Strategy. This review is now underway.


To assist in this review, and to better plan for improving and enhancing local area fabric, facilities, services, and connectivity, as well as engendering a sense of place and belonging, the whole of the 2015 Local Planning Strategy area has been divided into a number of Notional Planning Precincts.


The delineation of these precincts are predicated upon an initial identification of what are perceived to be the Town’s existing neighbourhoods and the form and function of its specialist use areas (eg. Tonkin Business Park).


In delineating these neighbourhoods, regard was had to the application of universal key neighbourhood planning and design principles, and the broad characteristics of the areas they represent.


Comment and feedback on these notional planning precincts is welcome, especially in relation to the delineation, size, shape and extent of the notional precincts as well as the location of their notional centres.


The Town is also particularly interested in being informed of ideas and the ways in which the physical environment within each notional precinct can be improved or enhanced.


Any comment or feedback on the notional planning precincts is to be in writing and can be submitted to the Town in the following ways:


By post: PO Box 87 Bassendean WA 6054

Hand-delivery: Customer Service Centre, 35 Old Perth Road Bassendean



Your Say Bassendean:


Submissions are to be received by 4.00 pm 20 July 2017.  Late submissions may be allowed upon request (please email the request to: )


Further information and details about the notional planning precincts are available from the Customer Service Centre,35 Old Perth Road, Bassendean; the Bassendean Memorial Library, 46 Old Perth Road Bassendean; or on the Town’s ‘Your Say Bassendean’ platform:

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