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Online Form - RElax Enrolment Form

The RElax program provides the community with opportunities to develop skills, meet new people, try new things and engage with others.

How to Enrol

  1. Pick up a booklet from one of our many locations or download a copy from the Town's website, www.bassendean.wa.gov.au and search RElax
  2. Read through the Code of Conduct found here
  3. Fill out all fields on the application form below
  4. Submit your enrollment
  5. Once payment has been approved, you are enrolled. No class confirmation is required.
  6. Please note: The course must reach a minimum number of participants, so if a course fails to reach this number, participants will be informed and issued a refund.

Participant Details

RElax Program Details

Course 1

Course 2 (leave blank in only doing one course)

Course 3 (leave blank if not doing a third course)

Payment Options

Payments by cash, cheque or credit card (in person) please complete the registration form located at the back on the Relax brochure. This can be delivered to Town of Bassendean Customer Service Centre, 35 Old Perth Road, Bassendean, Monday to Friday between 8.45am and 4.45pm. Please make cheques or money orders payable to “Town of Bassendean"

Credit / Debit Card please complete the details below.



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