Economic Development

Business Unit

'image description'The Economic Development Office is the single point of contact for business and commercial enquiries. It acts as a liaison between the business community and the local government.  Essentially it seeks to smooth the road for business to facilitate growth and prosperity recognising that a prosperous commercial sector generates a prosperous local community which generally is a happier community. 

Weaved into that task is the employment of the local workforce, the qualifications of the local workforce and local industry, the accessibility to jobs for the local residents, the provision of land for industry, the affordability of property in the area, the accessibility to customers and raw materials.  The Economic Development Officer has a hands on approach and is in regular contact with the diverse operators across the region. This office is guiding the development of the Old Perth Road Markets, it is active in property development and strengthening investment attraction.

Please refer to the dedicated website:

At this website you will find:

  • A Business Directory 
  • Commercial Statistics and Demographic Statistics
  • Local Planning Strategy and Policies and Zoning
  • Real Estate Data
  • Current Information on Business Events and Networking
  • Introduction to State and Federal Government Agencies
  • Links to lots of free stuff like, building a website for free, how to do effective PR for free, where to keep abreast of financial information

…and much, much more.