Health and Environmental Services Information Sheet 14

Mixed Green Waste Collection Service

Residents are invited to deposit mixed green waste on the street verge of your property for collection on the specified dates attached. Dates and information can also be found in your waste and recycling guide.  Following are the types of green waste that will be collected:

  • Tree pruning and stumps (max length 1.5m)              
  • Succulents (Boxed only)
  • Palm fronds                           
  • Creepers                   
  • Lawn Clippings
  • Bamboo (max length 1.5m)        
  • Vines                         
  • Tree leaves
  • Tree pruning with thorns (e.g. flame trees)

Pick Up Conditions

  • Place your tree prunings and mixed green waste on the verge but please do not obstruct footpaths, roads or crossovers.
  • Please do not place your prunings or green waste out for more than one week prior to your collection date.
  • No green waste to be in containers or bags. No plastic bags or pot plants.
  • Lawn clippings in cardboard boxes only, no plastic bags.
  • Maximum diameter of branches / stumps not to exceed 200mm.
  • No junk will be collected
  • Once your street has been services no return trips will be made.

Bulk Rubbish Collection

Items that will be collected include, household furniture, stoves, white goods, and general junk.  Please place refrigerators and air-conditioners separate from the other items.

Pick up conditions of bulk rubbish collection

  • Items to be placed on the verge of your property near the kerbline, not obstructing footpaths, roads or crossovers.
  • The maximum size of article to fin in the compactor truck is 1500x900x700mm (5ftx3ftx2ft4in).
  • Spiked/sharp items must be contained or protected to avoid injury. Small items must be boxed or bagged.  Residents are required to clean up any minor spillage remaining after the pickup.
  • Please do not place material on the verge until the weekend set-out dates below. 
  • No return will be made for junk put out late.  Waste left on the verge which is not collected because it has not met the pick up conditions or because of late placement, MUST BE REMOVED WITHIN SEVEN (7) DAYS.
The items listed below will not be picked up.

Vehicle batteries        Tree pruning/green waste                Tyres

Asbestos                    Builder’s waste (sand, concrete)       Hazardous waste

Any part of a motor vehicle (except car seats)                    Household waste

Click here to go to the page for the Waste & Recycling Guide where you can download it in PDF format.

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